An article about an Airbnb Host who threatened to stalk a tenant for giving a 4/5 rating on his listing.

Crazy Airbnb Host Threatens Tenant for Leaving 4/5 Star Rating

Being an Airbnb hater is a big part of who I am and what I do. I distinctly recall being on a family vacation, waiting outside in freezing weather for over an hour for the owner of the apartment to give my family the key. The owner drove a moped and I could tell that he did not feel sorry, not one bit. The best Airbnb experience I had was at a place virtually identical to a hotel, and honestly, that doesn't even count. Despite my bitterness, Airbnb's used to be novel and fun as a concept for mo…
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Twitter users rally against the exorbitant fees on AirBnb

Fed-Up People Rally Against Airbnb's Unreasonable Fees & Rules

I remember booking my first Airbnb . Some friends and I were heading to beautiful Tucson, Arizona for a wedding, and didn't have the guap to stay at the fancy resort with the wedding party. We found a modest house (decorated with a ton of Kokopellis) for a fraction of the price. And it came with a pool. Booking this home saved us hundreds of dollars, and for years after that wedding , we continued to use the service to make our money go a little farther while on vacation. Unfortunately for our…
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Article About a Woman Who Found Two Hidden Cameras In Her Airbnb in Philadelphia.

Woman Finds Hidden Camera in the Bathroom of Her Airbnb

Renting an Airbnb can be a double-edged sword. It can be nice to rent a whole apartment instead of one room at a hotel. However, there are so many aspects of Airbnbs that are unregulated and hard to predict, and this case is no exception.
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Amusing Thread Tells Tale Of Persnickety Airbnb Owner Through Signs He Leaves At His Property

Don't cross Jonathan
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