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'This is basically selling your soul, it's so pointless': Middle class man's daily routine gets roasted for being boring, fellow 9-5ers rush to his defense

It could be way worse
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'They stopped paying for your lunch': Workers contemplate why 9-5s became 9-6s and 8-5s

We've got to fight for our time
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Normie TikToker Divides Opinion With Boring Glimpses of His Everyday Life

Most “day in the life” videos on TikTok are irritating for a variety of reasons. There's the dreadful trend of stay-at-home girlfriends sharing their green juice and yoga rituals, the tech geeks with their expensive, ludicrous lunches, and then the days of influencers who are somehow still trying to convince us that what they do is work. Most of these videos are laced with privilege. The apartments are spic and span, the fridges full of expensive organic products. They work out at expensive hom…
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Funny and relatable memes and tweets about work, office culture, monday through friday, 9-5

The Best Relatable Work Memes This Week (April 3, 2023)

Most people who work full-time jobs can relate to the feeling that their lives completely revolve around work. Balancing work and life can be a huge challenge, and it often feels like we have to put our personal lives on hold in order to excel professionally. Even basic tasks like spending time with friends and family, managing the administrative duties of our personal lives, and engaging in leisure activities can be hard to fit into a full schedule. Despite the challenges, many people find way…
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Video explains how working in an office is similar to religion

Viral TikTok Explains the Stupidity of Office Dynamics By Comparing Corporate Structure to Religion

Back in April, TikToker @mads.ringswaldegan went viral for asking the community “ what the f*** do you do in an office job? ” The video has been stitched countless times by users who are eager to either explain that they do actual work at their offices or to explain that offices are completely unnecessary. We won't say where we stand on the matter (hehe) but thanks to a post on Twitter, we think we've found the best answer to @mads.ringswaldegan's burning question.
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35 Bleakly Relatable Work Memes For 9-5 Warriors

This one's dedicated to the overworked and underpaid
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Painfully Relatable Work Memes for Everyone on the Grind

As a child, we never saw ourselves growing into a slave to our computers and a 9-5 (let's be real, often 8-8) schedule. We thought we were going to marry Jonathan Taylor Thomas , travel the world, maybe have a few kids, and enjoy our lives dining at fancy restaurants and shopping at designer clothing stores. Things went a bit differently than we expected. The unsurprising truth is that we all hate working. Why do we even do this? Like, all of us, collectively? What's the point? Can't we just al…
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'Unpopular Opinion' About Working Weekends Gets Roasted by the Internet

Some people just don't know how to have fun.
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30 Relatable Memes For Fed-Up Retail Workers

Let's give it up for all the retail warriors out there
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30+ Workplace Memes To Distract From The Work Itself

Is it 5pm yet?
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Relatable Memes For Grumpy Office Workers

Mix up the monotony of 9-5 life with memes
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It's A Wonderful Life

Funny meme about life and death and 9-5 work
Via u/tiltedtittiesyee
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16 First-World Rebels Share The Little Things They Do To Stick It To The Man

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14 People Detail The Comical Struggles Of Explaining Their Jobs To Hopeless Idiots

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Countin' On Winning The Lottery At This Point

Meme of Bart Simpson saying, "Dear Lawd, I wanna get paid, but I don't wanna go to work"