Twitter Is Going Wild Over The Coolest Address Of All Time

Earlier this week, the hosts of the My Brother, My Brother and Me accidentally discovered the most righteous address ever. They were joking about how they'd spend whatever it took to live at 6969 Cool St. When they looked up the address, they discovered it was located in WEEDSPORT, New York. 

This mind blowing discovery was met with a lot of Twitter attention: the requisite "nice" responses, attempts at one-upping the epic address, and unfortunately - fact checking. Much to our disappointment, there is no actual house at 6969 Cool St. Twitter user @gourdbag pointed out that it is only one block long. At least we can still move to 420 E High St, in Pottstown, PA. 

Funny twitter reactions ot the discovery of 6969 cool street in weedsport new york, my brother, my brother and me podcast.
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