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20 Times 4chan Was Uncharacteristically Heartwarming

Wholesomeness can be found everywhere, even 4chan
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Ironic Sigma Memes That Poke Fun At Hustle Culture

Transform your mindset into a grindset
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Brutal Times People Owned Themselves Just To Take Someone Down With Them

Kamikaze by words
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4chan Anecdotes That Range Between Amusing, Concerning And Wholesome

A melting pot of strangeness.
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Meet 'Shroomjak,' the Wholesome New Wojak Charming the Internet

There's a new wojak in town
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Dreadful Posts & Cursed Memes That Were Accidentally Funny

Comedy for masochists
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Cool video form Know Your Meme about the Trollface meme

Why Trollface Memes Are Making a Comeback a Decade Later

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Video from know your meme about the history of the me gusta rage comic

The True Story Behind the "Me Gusta" Rage Comics

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25 Amusing Anecdotes From The Insular World Of 4chan

Some safe-for-work green text
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funny memes, election 2020, political memes, memes | Nobody will vote except for one guy in North Dakota and one guy in South Dakota. The election will be determined by a bareknuckle boxing match between them. 4chan post
Via Know Your Meme
Funny memes about Tomboy GF | WANT A TOMBOY GF? KINDA JUST SOUNDS LIKE WANT A BOYFRIEND WITH TITS BRO | Liberater @Lewdthot Tfw no blonde mean violent tomboy gf believe Tomboy SUPREMACY

21 Memes That Prove Dudes Of The Internet Are Pining For Tomboy GFs

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Wholesome 4chan moments.

15 4chan Moments That Are Shockingly Wholesome

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Funny casino royale poker parody memes/

Casino Royale Parody Memes Are Blowin' Up On 4chan

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Funny collection of embarrassing stories from 4chan in green text form, some involving dating, some involving poop.

7 Greentext Stories That Will Make You Feel Better About Yourself

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art of trolling 4chan funny - 1384965

User Tells the Story of His Grandmother's Quest to Get Her Car Back

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The Internet Has Gotten Way More Advanced

4chan prank image - 8989268736
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