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Weed Memes For the Kind of People Who Celebrate 4/20

What up, weed enthusiasts! It hasn't been too long since New York City has officially legalized marijuana, but the signs are literally everywhere. Dispensaries, legal or not, seem to be on every street. The air reeks of weed smoke, which probably pisses some people off. As a true blue native New Yorker who's been blazing since high school, I couldn't be happier to get a whiff on my way to work. To honor the new normal, I've put together a very 420-related collection of memes. From hilarious enc…
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A Dank Stash of Weed Memes for Stoners Celebrating 4/20

Happy 4/20, fellow potheads and weed freaks. Ready to blast off with some jazz cabbage or what? Actually, I gotta be honest with you. I'm not much of a stoner. In fact, I've don't even smoke weed anymore. The only THC I consume is from extremely low-dose gummies from a legal dispensary, and one box-full lasts me about five months. Sixteen-year-old me would probably be ashamed. How did I ever smoke an entire tightly-packed bowl of weed to myself without having a nervous breakdown? It is a myster…
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25 Dank Memes For Stoners In A Celebratory Mood

Happy 4/20
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Weed Meme Hilariously Illustrates The Stages Of Smoking A Joint

Happy 4/20 y'all
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