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funny meme about 2020 and writing 2019
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Funny video of a baby sneezing along to the song 'Auld Lang Syne' for New Years

Video Of A Baby Sneezing Along To 'Auld Lang Syne'

Should auld acquaintance be forgot!
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Funny memes about the end of the decade, new years, 2020, funny tweets | confused math lady: wondering year 2000 20 years ago and wtf happened last 2 decades. and boys at start decade and boys at end decade.

Fifteen New Years Memes To Mark The End Of The Decade

Happy New Year!
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Funny meme that reads, "If you start Avengers: Endgame on December 31st at exactly 9:30:30, Tony Stark will snap his fingers and sacrifice himself at exactly midnight January 1st, thus saving the universe from annihilation RIP" above a still of Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark
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Funny remake of YouTube Rewind 2019

Comically Bad Remake Of YouTube Rewind 2019

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Funny memes about Joe Biden

Fourteen Joe Biden Memes For The Political Satirists

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The best memes from the last decade

Thirty-Four Of The Absolute Best Memes of The Decade

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Funny memes about the start of 2020 | Person -  wondering year 2000 20 years ago and wtf happened last 2 decades V tr-h 3 .2 ar? C= 2ar V tr²h 30° 45° 60° tan (0) 10 sin xdx cos x+C v2 sin dx tgx +C, COS COS X Stgxdx cosx 5- tan %3D 2x 60 dx Intg sin x ax +bx +c =0 30° erad dx arcig x xV3 dx B-4ac 5- | Man - 2020 thinking 2015 like 2 years ago

Roundup Of 2020 Memes To Mark The End Of A Decade

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Tweet that reads, "From the bottom of my heart I hope 2020 is a better mental health year for everyone"
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Time Sure Does Fly

Funny meme about 2020, still dealing with 2019's problems
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Louder For The People In The Back

Tweet that reads, "I say this to Beto fans, Trump fans, all fans of politicians: it is un-American, ridiculous, and dangerous to be a fan of a politician. They aren't pop stars. Support them if you agree with their policies. Criticize them when they go wrong. They are servants, not celebrities."
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Funny tweets about Joe Biden's 'Joe30330' slip-up in the democratic debates

Joe Biden Is Getting Roasted For Not Quite Grasping The Whole 'Technology' Thing

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Funny tweets from presidential candidate Ace Watkins

Ace Watkins Is America's First Virgin Gamer Presidential Candidate

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joe biden roast

Joe Biden Is Getting Relentlessly Roasted For His 'Apology' Video On Twitter

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Hell Yeah

Tweet that reads, "We're two years away from the roaring twenties and if you think I'm not gonna party like Gatsby from 2020-2029 then you're absolutely wrong old sport"
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