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Classic Memes To Spark Nostalgia For 2012

Where were you in the year of our lord 2012? I distinctly remember that I was in an English exam the minute that the world was supposed to end. Luckily, it did not, and I didn't read John Steinbeck for nothing. For me, 2012 was the year my world went online. It was the first year I had unrestricted internet access, and I was getting exposed to more information than I could properly take in. I would spend hours scrolling through meme websites, looking at different variations of the same image ma…
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Better Times

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We Need to Go Back!

blockbuster 2012 - 8013493760

We Need to Go Back!

blockbuster 2012 - 8202214144

Now That's Art

art 2012 funny - 7494548480

2012 in a Nutshell

idiom literalism 2012 - 7080722176

Best Memories from 2012

list new years memories 2012 - 6935181312
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gaming 2012 Video - 45894145

Gaming in 2012

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electronics books 2012 - 6768591872
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The Total Solar Eclipse

gifs amazing 2012 space beautiful - 6764027136
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Mitt Romney debate paul ryan Bad Lip Reading barack obama 2012 joe biden - 44174081

Bad Lip Reading: 2012 Debate Highlights

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They Knew

raisins october new york 2012 flood - 6721598976
Created by pedretta

I Know What You Did Last Apocalypse

2012 apocalypse zombie wars stories tricks - 6677644544
Created by Kurmon

Yes We Can Build a Child's Army!

2012 children jobs - 6636922112

Checkmate, Mayans!

2012 calendar cliché thyme time - 6630041600
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We're Doomed

2012 apocalypse bacon mayan apocalypse - 6613461248
Created by PrincessWordplay
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