1984 Is Happening All Over Again

Funny tweet about life in the future when Amazon has taken over | Save Patrick @lunch_enjoyer 2029: My tv starts flashing red with an alert because I lied to Amazon Prime about how many people are in my living room watching Trolls 5. They send 15 cops in riot gear and they kill my dog. Im not allowed to shop at Whole Foods for two weeks.
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funny meme about people who don't know the book 1984, texting, blinking white guy | oh i love reading too! do you have any favorite books? wow so many
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What Is This Dystopian Nightmare

Tweet that reads, "1.) I don't like this ad; 2.) Why am I seeing this ad? 3.) [Checked off] This ad overheard my conversations"
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There's Only 1 Answer

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A Reminder to All Governments

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