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You're boring.

boring gifs undead lol zombie dead - 6791880960
Created by AdamWD

Street Fighters vs. Zombies

gifs Videogames Street fighter zombie funny - 7833328384
Created by Unknown

He's Infected!

bite chihuahua critters dogs gifs lol Sundog zombie - 5196383232
Created by Unknown

Zombie Whacking Practice

awesome gifs The Interwebz win zombie - 5220209152
Via Youtube

Zombie Hand Isn't That Impressive

dogs gifs halloween zombie - 8355229440
Created by Unknown

Lego Excerpt From The Walking Dead Season Premier

lego gifs zombie - 8289075200
Created by Unknown

Monday Morning...

gifs mondays Movies and TV shovels zombie - 5165889792
Created by TheMetalCat

You're Not Yourself When You're Hungry

Via Bing

Outta The Way, There's a Sale

bike Dead Rising Dead Rising 2 gifs video games zombie - 6360720640
Created by 19Zoey88

Resident Evil 6 Sneak Peek

gifs resident evil video games want zombie - 5733824768
Created by Unknown


evolution gifs humans jk monkeys science zombie - 4022136320
Created by Unknown

The Perfect GIF For People Who Talk About Stuff On The Bus That You Shouldn't Have to Hear

gifs sad but true zombie bus - 8353103616
Created by anselmbe

Zombie Cream

best of week gifs ice cream lol Movies and TV zombie - 5912815872
Created by Unknown

Finally, a Movie Reboot Worth Watching

gifs halloween patrick star Shaun Of the dead zombie - 8347296000
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I Remember This From The Bible

bible fish gifs mindwarp jesus zombie wtf - 8017409280
Created by Unknown

Zombie Bullet Test

bullets gifs science shotgun zombie - 5356174848
Created by Unknown