Señor GIF


The Acrobat Matador

yikes gifs jumps funny win - 7460539392
By Unknown

Get Back In Your Seat, Lady!

yikes gifs rodeo bulls classic - 8182886656
By ToolBee

Don't Jerk The Wire Too Hard

yikes bombs gifs pants - 8450870016
By ToolBee

Sinkhole Swallows a Bus

yikes FAIL mindwarp gifs sinkholes bus - 8529943296

Forgot to Put The Parking Brake On

yikes FAIL gifs cars brakes - 8138354176
By Unknown

Expert Recovery

close call driving expert gifs Like a Boss win yikes - 5873818624
By Unknown

Coco's Mammaries Brave The Hurricane

yikes gifs water coco mammaries - 6721508864
By _C_A_T_ (Via Break)

Panelled Floors

yikes FAIL gifs illusion - 6695775488
By Unknown

Training Day

close call dude puns trains win wtf yikes - 5127282688
By Unknown


yikes gifs animation - 6839332096
By meganeguard (Via Lunatic Toons)

Watch Where You're Going, Idiot!

yikes wtf FAIL gifs cars - 8557675008
By ToolBee

Look Behind You!

FAIL gifs Japan news wave yikes - 5151406848
By _C_A_T_ (Via


cars close call FAIL gifs yikes - 4925993984
By Unknown

Almost Fit

yikes FAIL gifs trucks - 8560154112
By anselmbe

Slipped on a Banana Peel?

crash FAIL forklift gifs mondays yikes - 5912815104
By Unknown

Lucky Pedestrians

pedestrians yikes FAIL gifs accident close call - 6988383488
By ToolBee
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