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It's a Copier, Not a Porta-Potty, Man!

FAIL gifs large Office paper pranks sad but true work - 5147559168
By 10

Failing Together

ouch gifs work nut shot - 8178529536
Via Google

Well That Didn't Work Right

FAIL gifs forklifts work - 8375471104
By Unknown

He Was Just Trying to Get Ahead of Work

FAIL gifs work puns prank - 6890757632
By Unknown

The Moment I Get Home From Work

alien animation gifs mondays work - 6482801408
By Iron-man01


FAIL gifs ouch pipes work - 4491570944
By melolonta

When The Unemployment Check Comes Rolling Through

gifs in this economy work sad but true - 8478870272
By Unknown

Why Won't This Floor Get Clean ?!?!

doh FAIL gifs vacuum work - 6240976128
By _C_A_T_ (Via Cheezburger)

Meetings Suck

fall gifs mondays ouch Pranks for the Memories work - 5184045312
By boonator


gifs house Movies and TV TV work - 4493824000
By Unknown

Help me pull that doggone root out, Jerry!

Via Reddit

Being Drunk at Work Sucks

gifs jk mindwarp russia work - 5312591104
By Unknown

Penthouse Slide

awesome gifs slides want win work - 6040750336
By _C_A_T_ (Via Cheezburger)

A Day in The Life of a Pizza Plate

pizzas gifs work go pro - 8300936704
By Unknown

Gotta Get a Roll On

roll star wars gifs work droids - 8394290432
By ToolBee

Pretty Much How Every Writing Assignment Starts Out

gifs school monkeys work - 8185071104
Via Bing
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