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Do you hear that? Or is it just the wind. The wind can carry more than just a cool breeze. It can throw dirt and sand in your eyes and ensure if you're downwind of the wrong cow pasture, you'll know it. So be wary of the zephyr and laugh away your strife with some windy laughs.

Real Life is Glitching Out

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Created by Unknown

Windy, Eh?

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Created by ToolBee


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Created by Unknown

Classic: Superman is a Jerk

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Created by Unknown

Nature Reorganizing Pool Furniture

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Created by Unknown

Windy Today, Eh?

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Created by anselmbe


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Created by _C_A_T_

Windy Day at Schiphol Amsterdam Airport

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Created by ToolBee ( Via Dumpert )

Too Much Fun For Your Mouth

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Created by Iron-man01

That's Unfortunate

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Created by Unknown

Magic Carpet Ride

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Created by Unknown

What an Amazing Wind Sculpture

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Via CharlieDarwin2

Oh, Stop It

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Created by anselmbe

Who Would Have Thought It'd Be Windy Behind a Plane?

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Created by Unknown

Air Elemental

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Created by -Ghost-

Meanwhile in Minnesota

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Created by Unknown
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