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Please File This GIF under: "Didn't Expect That"

NBA gif of a free shot from the free throw line that gets wedged and stuck instead of bouncing or going in the basket.
By Unknown

Boarding the Train

close call gifs mindwarp train whoa yikes - 5105894400
By _C_A_T_ (Via

Human Dominoes

best of week Dominoes gifs humans mattresses whoa win - 5917276672
By Unknown

Split Jump

jumps whoa win - 6030671616
By FrankieDudeUltimate

Excavator Pro

epic excavator gifs whoa win - 5813506560
By Unknown

This is Oddly Sexual

gifs spit champagne babe whoa - 7026287104
By Unknown

Improbable Shot

basketball gifs good luck shot sports whoa - 6158244352
By Unknown

I Got This

best of week gifs Memes ref slide whoa win wrestling wwf - 5968126720
By el.carl2

Them Lips!

GIF of Conan O'Brien filming his lips on Sarah Silverman's iPhone and then she puts the phone to her crotch area in comically sexual way.
By Iron-man01

Mini-Cannon Destroying Glasses

cannon epic explosion gifs whoa win - 6158245376
By Unknown

Endless Skating

mindwarp gifs whoa skating - 7198867712
By ToolBee

Dropping Packages in Afghanistan

airplane gifs whoa win - 6014011392
By Unknown

Tired of This Trick

epic fast gifs hill Pranks for the Memories puns splash tires whoa - 6040594176
By Unknown

Into the Abyss

gifs mindwarp nature swimming whoa woah - 5450873088
By sixonefive72

NPH Sexually Assaulted On Price Is Right

babe celeb creepy gifs Neil Patrick Harris price is right whoa - 5653698304
By _C_A_T_ (Via

Hide The Corners

gifs lines mindwarp optical illusion whoa - 5765023488
By Unknown
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