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Whale That's a Close Call

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Created by sixonefive72

Whale What Do We Have Here?

yikes gifs close call critters swimming whales funny - 7686157056
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Created by Unknown

Sperm Whales Swimming Through The Ocean

mindwarp gifs water critters oceans whales - 8441848832
Created by Unknown

Watching Humpback Whales From a Drone's Perspective

critters drones gifs whales - 8240559360
Created by Unknown

Humpback Whales Bubble Feeding

gifs critters feeding whales - 8531761664
Created by ani.s4 ( Via ADN )

OK Then, Breaching Blue Whales on My Left

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Created by ani.s4 ( Via Youtube )

Whale Lays The Smackdown on a Boat

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Via Gifak

Whales Chasing a Boat Wake

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Created by Unknown

Man Giveth & Man Taketh Away

gifs whales - 6938605312
Created by ani.s4
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