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Vladimir Putin

A video remix of Vladamir Putin's inauguration ceremony set to the tune of Stayin' Alive by the Bee Gees. The cover gif is of Vladamir Putin putting on his suit jacket before leaving his office for the ceremonial walk through the Kremlin

Putin Is Staying Alive And Walking Tall

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Gif of the Day: Putin Reacts to Another Man Kissing His Hand

gifs kissing Vladimir Putin - 8102284032
By Unknown

In Russia, picture takes you

GIF if Vladimir Putin having someone tall swapped with someone short so as not to block him in the pictures
Via Vladimir Putin - Know Your Memes

Vladimir Putin Imitating Everyone During Friday Afternoons

gifs work sucks funny Vladimir Putin - 7725274624
By Iron-man01

Vladimir Putin Gets Some Bird Droppings

russia birds gifs Vladimir Putin - 8277746176
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