Want to Cure Your Insufferable Cold and Ward Of Dracula For Life? Check Out This Delicious Winter Panacea Soup

Its cold and flu season folks, and that means its time to break out grandma's favorite trick to cure everything from the common cold to a lost limb. Everyone has that one trick that their grandparents gave them as fail proof. But sometimes its good to find new ways to battle off the bitter winter chill and illnesses that come with. 

Garlic is often a key ingredient in any family cure, but this super soup is supposed to be able to even cure norovirus. But be warned, you will be warding off vampires for a month after a bowl of this. It comes with a heavy dose, to the tune of 52 cloves of garlic among healthy portions of ginger and onions among other ingredients and spices. 

So check out how to fend off the worst of winter with this delicious Ginger-Garlic Soup.

brave the worst winter has to offer and cure yourself in record time with this incredible ginger-garlic soup. The cover photo is of a soup mixing garlic onions and ginger in a bowl
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