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Miley Cyrus is Out of Control

gifs twerking miley cyrus horses funny - 7776399616
By anthropocene

Out of Control Twerking

FAIL gifs twerking cars idiots - 8431775488
By Unknown

Twerking Gone Wrong

FAIL gifs twerking funny fall - 7736739072
By Unknown

We Weren't Ready To See This

dancing gifs reaction gifs wtf twerking - 7990380032
By Unknown

A Voice From Beyond Says, 'NO MORE TWERKING!'

accident gifs mindwarp wtf twerking - 7936487168
By beernbiccies

Miley Twerking Is Causing Some Screams

twerking miley cyrus funny - 7763902720
By Unknown

Twerk It

dancing gifs twerking inflatable - 8086552832
By Unknown

That's Not "Bending The Law"!

cops gifs twerking - 8556410112
By ToolBee

Wait, Where Are The Snacks?

gifs twerking Cats funny - 7863486976
By Unknown

In 50 Years This is How Old People Will All Dance

dancing gifs twerking old people funny - 7651614464
By sebenty

Bad Idea Of The Day: Twerking on The Subway Tracks

FAIL gifs funny twerking frankie original - 7925968384
By Unknown