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Never Underestimate the Size of the Fight in the Cat

Cats Caturday fight gifs true story - 5169512192
By Unknown

Cars Are Not Good At Fighting Shun

cars fighting gifs true story video games Videogames wtf - 5492835840
By Unknown

What It's Like When My Wife Says to Hurry Home Because She's in The Mood

epic gifs undressing true story flips - 6907685376
By Iron-man01

Glue Makes You Dance

dancing gifs jk Movies and TV true story - 5878543872
Via Youtube

Pigeon's Frustration

best of week critters escalator frustration gifs pigeon true story - 5503322368


awesome dancing demotivational gifs true story win wtf - 5042356736
By Unknown

When I'm Riding Through The Hood

nature monkeys cars true story funny - 7780696832
By Unknown

She Has Huge Tracts of Land!

gifs anime true story - 6808237056
By meganeguard (Via Beware of Mpreg)

Arthur C. Clarke, Stephen Hawking and Carl Sagan

gifs history true story lol - 6685032192
By ToolBee