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Last Minute Superhero

mindwarp gifs trucks - 8428111616
Via Senor GIF

How to Make a Problem Go From Bad to Worst

FAIL gifs trucks - 8289074944
By Unknown

The Definition of a Close Call

yikes FAIL gifs close call trucks - 8480851712
By anselmbe

This is Like Final Destination

yikes logs FAIL gifs trucks - 8322290944
By Unknown

Yes, I'd Love Some Ice Cream

dogs gifs ice cream trucks - 8357203712
By Unknown

When You Leave a Box of Fish in The Back of Your Truck

birds FAIL fish gifs trucks - 8231825152
By ani.s4 (Via Youtube)

What the Heck Happened Here?

driving FAIL gifs snow street trucks wtf - 5659875584
By Unknown

Not Sure What's Happening Here

rocks wtf FAIL gifs funny trucks - 7433119488
By TSGIGOR (Via Live Leak)

Didn't Have They Have Trunk Space?

trailers wtf FAIL gifs toys trucks - 7155782912
By Unknown

GIF Fail - Dammit, That's Not The Driveway

GIF of a ground truck that hits a parked airplane for no reason, as there was plenty of space to go around.
By anselmbe (Via gif)

Truck Yeah Bro

gifs mindwarp stunts trucks win - 5807452416
By Unknown

Fire Cat Is Reluctant to Rise Up

gifs critters Cats trucks - 8468597504
By Unknown

This Driver Probably Doesn't Play Too Much GTA

yikes FAIL gifs Grand Theft Auto funny good save trucks - 7797639936
By Unknown

How Does This Happen?

driving FAIL gifs trucks - 7946851584
By Unknown

This is Really Stressful to Watch

yikes gifs close call running trucks - 7370206464
By ToolBee

Hey! No Tailgating!

FAIL gifs cars trucks - 8445015296
By anselmbe
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