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Great to Get That Kind of Fan Support

memes gifs fans soccer trolls - 8346365184
By anselmbe

Firefighter Trolls Kids By Sounding The Sirens Inside

ouch gifs kids pranks trolls - 8440354816
By ToolBee

Two Youths Use Invisible Rope to Cause Hijinks

gifs kids cars pranks trolls - 7331228928
By anselmbe

Thats Why You Gotta Keep Your Eye On The Ball

sports gifs funny trolls ping pong - 7756922368
By anselmbe

Trolling Your Teammate

baseball gifs sports trolls - 8191894016
By Unknown

Hunting with Trolls

gifs nutshot ouch pranks Pranks for the Memories shovel trolls - 5447546624

World's Longest Selfie Stick

gifs selfie trolls - 8459765760
By Unknown

Who The Hell Does This?

bikes FAIL gifs wtf trolls - 8462046464
By Unknown

Shopping Mart Trolls

gifs mindwarp pranks wtf trolls - 8191530496
By anselmbe

Troll in Training

gifs kids seats trolls - 8428801792
By anselmbe

Statler and Waldorf - Muppet Trolls

celeb computers gifs library muppets trolls - 5036095488
By _C_A_T_

The Trolls Are Coming

gandalf gifs Lord of the Rings Movies and TV puns trolls yikes - 6227410176
By sora205

Hey, I'm Gonna Use This

gifs pranks weight lifting trolls - 8431082752
By Unknown