Señor GIF



art gifs mindwarp painting trippy - 4452326144
By Unknown

Sand People Tripping

art gifs mindwarp sand trippy wtf - 6004730624
By Unknown

Underwater Lava

underwater epic gifs trippy lava - 6788100352
By Unknown

This Starry Night is Moving

starry night mindwarp gifs trippy funny - 7519109888
By ToolBee


GIF of an apple that falls from the top of the screen to a hand, which then drops the apple, and it loops right back to the beginning making it seem like endless apples falling.
By Unknown

Illusion Sculpture

art gifs illusion mindwarp sculpture trippy - 5935022336
By _C_A_T_ (Via

Wait, Did The Music Get Louder?

gifs mindwarp trippy - 8083220992
By Unknown

I Guess it Kicked In, When I Started to Read Manga

face mindwarp gifs trippy manga - 7085784576
By ace0fredspades (Via Ace 0f Red Spades)


gif of a person holding a cigarette and looking at bubbles swirling in a beer glass
By anselmbe


gifs mindwarp rug trippy woah - 4825842176
Via nutnics

Solar Eclipse Shadows

gifs science shadows trippy - 6250363392
By Unknown

Medicinal GIF - Homer Trips

Trippy GIF of Homer Simpson having a psychedelic morning.
By rewwr5

Slinky Suit

cool gifs mindwarp trippy - 5379218432
By Unknown

Oh, I Guess I am Still Drunk

beach cool gifs mindwarp trippy - 5707067648
By Unknown

The Inside of My Mind After Running While Listening to Motorhead

mindwarp gifs trippy running - 8128158464
By ace0fredspades (Via Coub)

You Wake Up in The Desert And Find This

burning man gifs lights mindwarp trippy wake up wtf - 6552123136
By Unknown