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A Reminder For Those Who Complain About The Warm Weather

gifs snow timelapse weather winter funny - 7704449536
By Unknown

Strawberry Getting Embarrassed

embarassing fruit mindwarp timelapse - 6547472128
Via Natgeo GIFs

A Night's Snow

nature gifs snow timelapse - 7064587520
By Unknown

Hipster, Be Gone!

timelapse - 8510271488
By ToolBee


arctic beauty gifs mindwarp science sun timelapse - 4948690688
By _C_A_T_

How Strawberries Are Born

gifs mindwarp timelapse plants strawberries - 8192253184

Snowflake Timelapse

gifs nature science timelapse - 5671564032
Via Futurity Video

3D Printer Making a Yoda

awesome gifs science technology timelapse yoda - 6372187648
By Unknown

Nighttime Shuttle Overpass

gifs timelapse - 6832634368
By ToolBee

Stars in Mount Semeru

epic gifs timelapse stars - 7039214848
By Unknown

Traffic in Vietnam

awesome gifs mindwarp scooters timelapse traffic Vietnam - 5531200256
By Unknown

Total Cloud Inversion Grand Canyon

mindwarp gifs timelapse - 8400509440
By ani.s4 (Via

The Resting Patterns of Cats in The Sun

gifs timelapse sleep sun Cats - 8452197376
By Unknown

That's a Bunch of Snow

blizzard gifs snow timelapse - 7056028160
By Unknown
mindwarp list gifs timelapse wood - 288517

Using a Belt Sander With Some Creative Photography Really Warps The Collective Perception of Space

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Nocturnal by Colin Legg

beautiful gifs mindwarp timelapse win - 6437860096
By TSGIGOR (Via Vimeo)
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