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Tiger Swimming Gif

GIF of a tiger that is swimming joyfully in the water, looped on repeat.
Via Ax Hippy

First Meeting

adorable cute animal gifs baby tiger cub meets an adult tiger for the first time through a glass window zoo wildlife nature
Via YouTube

The Looks I Get From My Friends After I Tell a Bad Joke

aladdin animation cartoons gifs reaction face tiger - 6360013056
By 19Zoey88

OK, I'm in The Car, Now What?

car critters driving gifs tiger what - 6234042880
By Unknown

Back Off!

kick gifs anime tiger BAMF - 6771336960
By meganeguard (Via Beware of Mpreg)

Stop Doin' Dat

gifs toys tiger Caturday Cats - 6784732160
Via Youtube


critters do not want dogs gifs humping lol Sundog tiger - 4679147264
By Unknown

High-Five, Up High, Down Low, Too Slow

cool gifs tiger high five - 7044277248
By _C_A_T_ (Via Youtube)


critters funny gifs tiger - 5017084416
By Unknown

Cuddling Tiger

baby animals critters cute gifs tiger - 4998164480
By sixonefive72

Tigers Destroy a Snowman

gifs tiger extreme Caturday snowman - 6997390592
By Unknown

Oh WoW... Chuck Norris

chuck norris gifs orcs tiger video games - 5467222528
By _C_A_T_ (Via


baseball critters detroit gifs Naked Gun Punnish puns sports tiger wtf - 4621366016
By Unknown


bird critters gifs scared tiger - 4933360128
By ChuiChui (Via

I Can Hear Smells

gifs catnip wut tiger - 6760902912
By Unknown


awesome critters gifs pounce scary tiger - 4881988608
By highwire
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