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You're Doing Everything Wrong

ouch FAIL gifs backwards phone bike texting - 7047951872
Created by Unknown

Woman Falls Texting On Live News

FAIL fall gifs news texting when you see it - 5848119552
Created by _C_A_T_ ( Via )

My Generation Didn't Need Those

phones gifs old people fountains texting - 8332948736
Created by ToolBee

In This Day And Age You Have to Be Able to Multitask

school mindwarp gifs texting - 8307557632

Don't Text and Drive

driving idiots texting funny - 7763735296
Created by Unknown

PSA: Stop Texting and Driving, Dummy

cars FAIL gifs hes-okay hit texting - 5043521280
Created by Unknown

C U 2nite

commercial driving FAIL gifs ouch texting - 5148938752
Created by Unknown

Texting is Danger

China FAIL fall gifs sinkhole terror texting yikes - 6154214400
Created by Unknown

Nowadays, Everyone is Distracted

FAIL gifs stroller texting train tracks yikes - 5795489536
Created by _C_A_T_ ( Via )

Texting While Carrying a Missile Launcher

gifs mindwarp missile seems safe texting wtf - 6383461376
Created by Unknown

Bearly Escaped Certain Doom

bear critters escape gifs texting yikes - 6100122880
Created by Unknown

As The Seminal LFO Said, Chinese Food Makes Me Sick

chinese food gifs texting - 8170381312
Created by sticktexting ( Via Stick Texting )

Get Off The Road

dangerous gifs motorcycle texting win wtf - 5982073088
Created by Unknown

Modern Art

art swipe gifs sad but true texting - 8464428544
Created by anselmbe