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Vampire Ape

apes critters gifs yikes teeth - 8240448000
By anselmbe

Would You?

Via Bing?

Sphynx Cat Brushing Teeth

gifs teeth Cats funny - 7436513792
Via Youtube

Alpaca Hates Camera

alpaca camera critters gifs teeth wtf - 5625900032
By heinhander11

Mama said there'd be days like this.

gifs gross teeth chewing Cats - 8562103808
By Philippa2

Brushing Your Teeth With Lethal Force

guns wtf gifs teeth brushing - 8166988800
By Unknown

Just The Thing For Dealing With Coastal Zombies

mindwarp gifs teeth shark - 8430869760
Via Gizmodo

Who Needs a Dentist When You Have Nerf?

gifs dentists Nerf teeth - 8202750208
By cataff (Via Youtube)

I'll Just SHOOT Out My Tooth!

yikes gifs teeth - 7050914560
By ToolBee

Call Me, Maybe?

gifs mindwarp teeth wtf - 6526939648
By Unknown

Smile, Bud

dogs gifs teeth smiles - 8437909760
By Unknown

Pug Fangs

best of week critters dracula gifs pugs scary Sundog teeth - 5324356608
By Unknown

Too Much Fun For Your Mouth

wind FAIL gifs old guy teeth - 6926858752
By Iron-man01

Why Use a Toothbrush When You Can Use a Rat?

critters gifs rats teeth - 8256607232
By Unknown

Zero to 15 Mph to Zero Teeth

kid teeth crash bike - 8493268480
By sebenty

Being Old is Hard

best of week gifs mindwarp old people teeth wtf - 5227210752
By Unknown
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