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critters cute gifs hedgehog song tattoos - 4451255808
By sixonefive72

Quick Knockout

FAIL fighting gifs kick ouch tattoos - 5907069184
By Unknown

Chances Are No One Faps As Much As This Guy

Via Bing

The Magic of Tattoos

animation art gifs illusions ink tattoos - 6335304704
Via Poultergeist

3D Tattoo

GIF of a dude's 3-d tattoo on his left arm.
Via Bing

A Tattoo Needle in Slow Motion

slow motion mindwarp gifs tattoos - 8257393408
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Who's Funny Looking?

mindwarp gifs tattoos - 6708003840
Via XToxic Tears

Tattoo Adventure

wtf gifs tattoos adventure - 6977629184
By Unknown

Laser Tattoo Removal

art gifs laser tattoos win - 6311744000
By Unknown

A Work In Progress

art camera gifs stop motion tattoos win - 5260393984
Via Youtube

Happy Birthday!

babe gifs hat humpday Party tattoos - 5500626176
By Jonesty

There's a Universe Inside Everyone

art mindwarp gifs tattoos - 8312988416
By Unknown

Kim's Got Some Impressive Ink

gifs tattoos barack obama politics - 8427089664
By ToolBee

Reanimation of the Dead

gifs science skulls tattoos undead yikes - 5368651008
By Unknown

Medical Tattoo

wtf mindwarp gifs tattoos - 8492804096
By anselmbe (Via Imgur)