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Goose And Guy Have a Conversation

gifs talking critters goose guy - 8506453504
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A Talking Banana

gifs bananas talking food - 8119830016
Created by jyonasan1957

Egg Man

anthropomorphism best of week critters eggs food gifs talking - 5107278080
Created by Unknown

Who You Talking To, Bud?

dogs wtf gifs talking - 8457460480
Created by Unknown

Every Time I Spot a Girl I'd Like to Talk To

gifs talking sad but true relationships - 8139526400
Created by ToolBee

When Someone Starts Talking About How The Phantom Menace Wasn't That Bad

Via Bing

How To Comment With Impact

memes ouch gifs punching talking - 8347594240
Created by ToolBee

Talking to Yourself?

gifs talking meow Cats - 8486168576
Created by Unknown

When I'm Making a Losing Argument

Modern Family arguments gifs talking sad but true - 7096985600
Created by Iron-man01