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The Tiniest T-Rex

gifs Cats t rex - 8372183296
Via futurebrowndwarf

School Bully

awesome dinosaur gifs kids mindwarp scary t rex - 5097863424
By _C_A_T_ (Via

Dude, You Might Want To Get That Checked Out

yikes costume gifs t rex - 6729511680
By Unknown

T-Rex on an Escalator

cool wtf gifs escalator dinosaur t rex - 6724599808
By Unknown

Dinosaur Battle Towns

awesome dinosaurs gifs historiclol t rex - 5184496128
By _C_A_T_ (Via

That's Not How You Kill a T-Rex!

gifs awesome funny t rex - 7689085440
By NorthernBreeze

Papercraft T-Rex

art awesome clever disguise dinosaur gifs t rex - 5005451008
By berryfield

Walk in the Past Park

memes dogs gifs monster t rex - 8350477056
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Baby T-Rex Costume

gifs t rex costume want win dinosaurs - 6635668992
By _C_A_T_ (Via Cheezburger)

I Made a Dino Suit

costume mindwarp gifs dinosaurs t rex - 8328585728
By ani.s4 (Via Youtube)

Who Could Resist Those Fries?

wtf gifs fries jurassic park funny seems legit t rex - 7565845760
By Unknown


gifs t rex - 8589242112
By PumbaDG

Disregard T-rex on a Roll, Check Phone Instead

GIF of a person in T-Rex costume that is on a hoverboard that passes someone who doesn't appear to care and proceeds to check her phone.
By anselmbe (Via

Come On, Move It

tyrannosaurus rex gifs animation dinosaurs velociraptor t rex - 8527011840
By anselmbe


clever disguise dinosaurs gifs jurassic park lady and the tramp puns t rex - 4789030656
By Unknown

The Coolest Way to Get Around

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