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Always Bring The Right Sword to a Fight

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By anselmbe

Why You Shouldn't Bring a Gun to a Sword Fight

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What I Feel Like When I Pull Out a Pack of Gum in Class

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By lonlia

Swords Provide The Ultimate Protection Against Bullets

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By anselmbe

What Happens When Your Blade is Made From Steel That Has Been Folded Hundreds of Times

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The Power of Ab Exercises

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By Unknown

If This Was Bushido Blade He Would Have Died

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By Unknown

Indian Snake Swords

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By Unknown

Ninja Attack!

attack gifs IRL mindwarp ninja swords yikes - 5954652672
By Unknown

A Sworded Little Secret

awesome gifs mindwarp win swords - 8337389056
By tamaleknight

Surprise Attack

FAIL gifs samurai swords yikes - 6529299968
By Unknown


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The Rough Footage From The Live Action Attack on Titan Looks Impressive

gifs kids monster swords - 8314786560
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Swords Are a Precision Instrument

FAIL gifs cringe swords watermelon - 8523097088
By Unknown


celeb darth vader gifs swords the force - 4843036672
By sebenty (Via

Fruit Ninja IRL

fat guy ninja gifs fruit ninja swords fruit - 6898230784
By Unknown
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