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Hey, I Missed You, Human

Cats gifs soldiers - 8236397568
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America's Finest

bugs bunny gifs animation soldiers - 6758430976
Created by meganeguard ( Via Lunatic Toons )

I'll Provide Back Up

gifs soldiers Cats - 8233644544
Created by jyonasan1957 ( Via Youtube )

Domino Soldiers

dominos gifs mindwarp soldiers win - 6402487040
Created by Unknown

A Swing And a Miss

army dudes FAIL gifs ouch ropes soldiers - 6051890688
Created by _C_A_T_

The Military's Newest Turtle Troopers


Russian Soldiers Start Avalanche with Artillery

avalanche russia gifs snow soldiers - 6978312192
Created by ani.s4

Downtime in Syria

dancing gifs soldiers Party - 7047951360
Created by Unknown

Synchronized Military Wave

gifs mindwarp waves soldiers - 8227428608
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Your Hat is No Longer Needed, Peasant

whoops gifs kids hats soldiers - 8508445696
Created by Unknown

Bullet Proof Soldier

history mindwarp gifs soldiers armor - 8284349184
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Ghost Riding

army guys gifs hummer Pranks for the Memories soldiers - 5272537600
Created by Unknown

Oh! Here You Are!

Funny GIF that has been edited to look a bit slapstick of a North Korea flag ceremony.
Created by AlchemisT ( Via )

Meanwhile, in Russia

wtf gifs soldiers bikes - 8292794368
Created by Gamefreek24the2d

Fall In

yikes trees gifs soldiers funny - 7851486208
Created by Iron-man01

Drum Line Works Like a Machine

mindwarp gifs soldiers - 8104169472
Created by Unknown
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