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Arctic Hares on a Tear

arctic gifs snow critters rabbits - 8206820864
By Unknown

Meanwhile in Ontario

gifs snow winter - 7984907264
By Unknown

Gif's A Real Nail Biter, Eh?

Funny gif of people stuck in the snow, and behind them is a police car stuck in the snow, which looks like the lamest police chase ever.
Via gif

This Corgi is a Cool Action Star

gifs snow critters corgi - 8271031040
By anselmbe


gifs slow motion snow snowball sports - 4593321728
By 41Ph4 (Via

Starbucks is Everywhere!

gifs mindwarp skiing snow white people - 5850178048
By Unknown

Just a Little Humor for Those of You Socked in by Snow

holidays gifs snow - 7978794240
By ani.s4 (Via Youtube)

Whoa x 2

sledding yikes gifs snow cars close call - 7156491520
By Iron-man01

The Eternal Battle

Cats gifs snow - 8030856704
By ani.s4 (Via Youtube)

Going to School the Best Way

bus gifs school sleds snow win - 5869262592
By Unknown

Fox Wanders on The Ice

ice foxes gifs snow - 7994330368
By Unknown

I Can't Stop

gifs snow cute - 8468599040
By Unknown

The Median is the Safest Place to Drive

driving extreme gifs mindwarp snow wtf - 5738560256
By Unknown

Snow Day For Dog

dogs gifs snow critters winter - 8445716480
By Unknown

Petting A Pygmy Owl

cool critters gifs little guy Owl petting snow - 5842624000
By _C_A_T_ (Via

Patience is Overrated

gifs snow patience driving - 6878286080
By Unknown
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