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That Moment When You've Been Staying Up Late And Hear The Birds Begin to Chirp

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When Mom And Dad Won't Pull Over When You Have to Pee Really Bad During a Road Trip

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Turntables And Dachshunds Are The Problem Solvers of the World

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When You Gotta Game, You Gotta Game

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By anselmbe

Video Games Keep On Getting More And More Realistic

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OHIM Comes Before TGIF

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By Philippa2

Later Dude, I'm Not Playing Your Weird Game

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Me After I Prove Someone Wrong

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When My Song Comes On

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By Unknown

By The Time You Finish This Book You Won't Need to Read Anymore

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When You Eat Something Really Sour

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By maorows
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Here's How 12 Logos That Have Shaped Our Lives Have Evolved Over Time

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At Least It's Not Monday

Demotivational poster against Tuesdays of a robot buckling at the knees and falling infront of a door.
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Regardless of The Sport I Hear The Announcer From NBA JAM Saying, "From Downtown"

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By ToolBee (Via Jams It In)

But This is Just Part One!

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By anselmbe

Cat Logic

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By anselmbe
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