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Engineering The Perfect Surprise

shock mindwarp gifs patrick - 7349443584
By ToolBee


critters gifs lol mirror monkey shock - 4444793600
By sixonefive72

Best Reaction

celeb emotions game show gifs reaction face shock - 5742914048
By Unknown

That's Why He Looks Shocked

shock gifs patrick star lightning bad puns - 7257458944
By Iron-man01

Kitteh Can't Understand Such Hate

Cats Caturday gifs kung fu ouch pain shock yikes - 5902994432
By Uzotru

My Reaction to Watching The News as of Late

yikes shock gifs wrestling - 7349138944
By noman1234425

Papa's Got a Brand New Treat

Cats Caturday gifs shock treats - 6401739520
By Unknown

Steam Sale!

celeb gifs shock - 6373662208
By icecream19

Baby Shocked at Life

baby eyes gifs kids shock - 5742912512
By Unknown

Red Panda's Shock

GIF of red pandas getting startled and having a really funny reaction to doing so.
Via Animal GIFs

When You Realize You're Not in as Much Pain as You Thought

blooper celeb FAIL gifs laugh loki pain shock - 6529741056
By Unknown

Shock 2 The System

audience gifs shock sports - 5107849984
By Tobi

Peter Has Super Powers

animation family guy gifs peter shock - 6255580160
By frank44mag