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Shake those rocks in your head around a bit, a watch your stony face crumble. It's time to rock out with a geologists favorite band - the Rolling Stones, and feel your sides ache at these hilarious rock jokes and puns.

Sea-Lion, Pelicans & Cormorants Share a Rock

rocks pelicans gifs critters sea lion - 7166673664
Created by ani.s4 ( Via Youtube )

Penguin is a Clever Thief

nature rocks gifs penguins critters funny - 7833327104
Created by Unknown

A Very Lucky Day

yikes rocks gifs landslide cars funny - 7777144064
Created by Unknown

Just Rock On

avalanche collapse gifs nature rocks science - 5296183552
Created by Unknown

This Car Rocks

yikes rocks gifs cars - 8476926208
Created by ToolBee

Thats Gonna Hurt Later...

FAIL gifs ouch pain rocks water - 5651573760
Created by heinhander11

Hidden Key

keys rocks mindwarp gifs - 8091840256
Created by Unknown

Not Sure What's Happening Here

rocks wtf FAIL gifs funny trucks - 7433119488
Created by TSGIGOR ( Via Live Leak )

This Canoe Trip Rocks

ouch rocks FAIL gifs funny canoes - 7836753664
Created by Unknown

Rock On

FAIL gifs ouch puns rocks - 5391641856
Created by Unknown

This Guy is Lucky to Be Alive

close call gifs explosions rocks yikes - 8240370176
Via Sploid

An Otter Plays With a Rock

critters gifs otter play rocks - 5071892480
Created by _C_A_T_ ( Via )

Are Those Rocks or Frogs?

rocks gifs critters frogs - 8478273536
Created by Unknown
gifs list rocks otters - 150533

8 GIFs That You Need To See, That Show Why Otters Rock

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Guess That Monkey Wanted to Get Their Rocks Off

critters gifs rocks puns monkeys - 8017174784
Created by Unknown

Hulk Vs. Superman

awesome gifs hulk mindwarp rocks superheros superman - 5949545472
Created by Unknown
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