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ten mechanical gifs that are satisfying

Ten Satisfying Mechanical GIFs

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All Terrain Robot

epic gifs robot science tree - 6100247808
By Unknown

Everyday I'm Shuffling

celeb dancing gifs lmfao Music Party robot - 4983924224
By _C_A_T_

Robot Perplexed by Rubik's Cube

gifs robot rubiks cube - 6959397376
By Unknown

DJ Mini Mix

dj gifs Music robot wtf - 5921742592
By _C_A_T_ (Via


awesome fashion gifs machine robot win - 4462009088
By Unknown


mindwarp terminator robot squirrel - 6766589184
By Unknown

Transforming Ball Bot

ball epic gifs robot science wtf - 5554685696
Via Youtube
Boston Dynamics promo for their newest robot called the Spot

You May Have Seen Spot Run, But You Haven't Seen This Spot Run

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MIT mini cheetah robots are really cute

Watch A Group Of Robots Frolic And Play (7 GIFs)

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Captcha doesn't work, guys - gif

Funny GIF of a robot clicking onto the I AM NOT A ROBOT of a CAPTCHA to prevent exactly that sort of thing.
By tamaleknight (Via gif)

This Bot is Gonna Get So Swole

nasa gifs robot swole muscle lifting - 6763527424
By Unknown


robot The Interwebz unicorn wtf - 3660985088
By Cyberkedi

R/C Sports Car Transformer

cool RC want transformer gifs robot - 6818092288
By _C_A_T_ (Via Cheezburger)

Best Robot Drummer EVER

Music gifs rock robot skynet sweet drummer - 6949603072
By SeniorBrinco (Via Youtube)

Robot Dance Party

dance gifs Party robot san francisco win - 6376125440
By Unknown
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