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Your Watch Running Late?

gifs sad but true swords fighting rescue - 8400615424
By anselmbe

Coast Guard Canine Saves Boy From Drowning

awesome critters dogs gifs rescue Sundog - 6256469760
By _C_A_T_

Pig Rescues Goat

Pig helps goat get out of the water.
Via GIF Animals

Returning a Baby Deer to Mom

critters deer gifs rescue - 8258623232
By Unknown

Canadian Snow Rescue Kitteh

Canada gifs snow rescue - 8450628608
By ToolBee

Trapped Bobcat Rescue

nature gifs critters cute rescue - 6959799552
By ani.s4 (Via Youtube)

Dog Rescues Dogs

gifs dogs Sundog rescue boat cool dog critters - 6663014144
By Unknown

Good Deed of The Year

bears critters cute gifs rescue truck restoring faith in humanity week - 6458918912

Yikes! Why Would You Do That?

close call FAIL gifs jump rescue train yikes - 5949547008
By Unknown

Aquaman to The Rescue

gifs aquaman rescue - 6765602816
By meganeguard (Via Nothing is Linear)

He Sort of Rescued This Sheep

FAILS whoops gifs sheep rescue - 7411328256
By Unknown

Wolverine to the Rescue

gifs critters funny rescue - 7811221504
By ani.s4 (Via Youtube)

Cat Saves Boy From a Dog Attack

dogs gifs Cats rescue - 8186331392
Via Jalopnik

Kitteh Rescue!

animation cute Cats rescue - 8434561536
By ToolBee

Thank You, Human

foxes gifs cans cubs rescue - 8113005056
By Unknown

Rescuing a Giant Manta Ray

gifs manta ray critters rescue - 8320917248
Via Bing
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