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Little Kid vs. Mickey Mouse Piñata

rage gifs kids - 8279805440
By Unknown

Gandalf Skating

celeb gandalf gifs magic rage skating slow traffic - 6061761536
By Unknown

I Hate Cold Food

China gifs rage sledgehammer wtf - 5462998016
By _C_A_T_ (Via


Arnold Schwarzenegger awesome conan gifs rage sword - 4520890624
By OryuKitty

WTF Mate?

Cats Caturday gifs rage sniffing wtf - 5147542016
By _C_A_T_

This Monkey Slaps a TV Host

gifs monkeys rage - 8171898112
By Unknown

Something Tells Me He's Really Good at Bushido Blade

gifs swords bottles fat guy rage mindwarp - 6665669120
By Unknown

Man Vs. Bus

bus gifs public transportation punch rage wtf - 6070170368
By Unknown

GIF: Good bye winter

Silly GIF of someone blowing up a snowman with explosives.
By melolonta (Via GIFs )

The First Documented Rage Quit

rage gifs Videogames rage quit vintage - 8202378496
Via Bing

Popcorn Tossing Gets a Just Revenge

ouch rage trees wtf gifs - 8124331264
By Unknown

No iPad For You!!!

FAIL gifs ipad nerds rage - 6292379392
By gavman101

One Tough Monkey

ouch rage gifs soldiers monkey - 5262020352
By Unknown

Finally an Argument For Punching a Kid

rage woody harrelson gifs kids punching - 8362327552
Via Haematobic

Kids Will Be Kids

rage gifs kids goats puns critters - 8427103744
Via For GIFs

Parking Rage

rage FAIL gifs cars parking - 8370470400
By Unknown
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