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gifs punching rage - 4531826688
By ekahnicole

The First Punch is Always The Strongest

sports whoops FAIL gifs hockey punching - 8415512064
By Unknown

Kinda Reminds Me of The Last of Us

gifs punching funny - 7792671744
By SatevisM

That's a Low Blow

gifs ouch punching - 7967342848
By ToolBee

Bully Gets His Comeuppance

bully dude epic FAIL fight gifs ouch punching - 6120607488
By Unknown

The News Just Hit Him

photobomb news gifs punching - 8286626048
By Unknown

I Need Another Hit

ouch gifs punching funny fight club - 7659652608
By ToolBee

Idiot Counter

ouch gifs signs punching funny - 7627264256
By ToolBee

Some Hockey Fights End Really Quick

sports gifs hockey punching fights - 8363191552
By Unknown

No Comfort For The Old

airplane gifs ouch punching rage wtf - 6238405888
Via pi4no bl4ck

Giant vs Little Guy

fight giant gifs mindwarp punching - 6551697152
By _C_A_T_

Riki-Oh Punches Pretty Strongly

gifs punching hole wall funny - 7400722176
By Unknown

Ryu Hates Cars

awesome cars celeb gifs punching ryu Street fighter - 5412380672
By Unknown

Seems Like Car Windows Would Be Safe From Zombies

FAIL gifs ouch punching window - 5361000192
By Unknown

The Danger of Uppercuts

whoops FAIL gifs punching boxing funny - 7846024192
By Unknown

Cool Guys Don't Look at Explosions

awesome best of week cool dancing explosions gifs guns punching win - 5836866560
By TheGent
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