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Jackie Chan Protecting an Egg From Concrete Blocks

amazing celeb eggs gifs Jackie Chan martial arts punching - 6369092096
By Unknown

Bully Gets His Comeuppance

bully dude epic FAIL fight gifs ouch punching - 6120607488
By Unknown

This Guy Can Kick It

kicks gifs punching karate - 8484976640
By Unknown

I Need Another Hit

ouch gifs punching funny fight club - 7659652608
By ToolBee


awesome gifs punching remix skeletons win woman - 4846409216
By Trogdoor

Beef. It's What's For Dinner

gifs animation punching popeye - 6924638464
By meganeguard (Via Lunatic Toons)

Some Things Are a Lot Stronger Than You Are

ouch FAIL gifs punching - 8407264256
By heeroyuymia


animation anime epic falcon punch gifs punching underwear - 5329150464
By Shado85

Cops Beating Up a Cricket Fan

cops FAIL gifs jerks ouch punching sports - 5719671808
By Unknown

Mama Said Knock You Out

gifs punching boxing - 8259643904
By Unknown

Relax Afroman, This Isn't Rockband, You're Gamer Score Isn't Going to Be Affected

Via Ket Madero


boxing gifs kids punching - 4801226496
By _C_A_T_

Snoopy the Child Abuser

animation Deal With It fun gifs jk lol punching snoopy - 5538987264
By rowilko

Sometimes The Blow You Throw Hurts You The Most

Funny FAIL gif of a girl that kicks toward her opponent but instead of inflicting damage, she falls flat down.
By Unknown


Arnold Schwarzenegger conan gifs horse Movies and TV punching - 4541969152
By OryuKitty (Via

First Row Gets All The Action

ouch FAIL gifs punching - 8111802368
By ToolBee
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