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Don't Touch The Glasses

ouch punches FAIL gifs - 7147357696
By jyonasan1957 (Via Youtube)

Old Man Teaches Young Whippersnapper a Thing in The Ring

boxing FAIL gifs old people ouch punches - 8356209664
By Unknown

MacGyver Outfoxes Another Bad Guy

punches gifs macgyver - 8293948672
By tamaleknight

Shut Yer Face!

punches mindwarp gifs - 8561548288
By ToolBee

Punches Thrown

gifs mma ouch punches sports ufc yikes - 5332291072
By cocobox

Robot Punches Drunk Guy

FAIL gifs punches robots - 6513259520
By _C_A_T_

Enjoy Your Flight

gifs superheros punches superman - 7895327488
By ToolBee

Grandpa KOs 5 Gangsters

punches wtf gifs fight Grandpa - 6733185792
By _C_A_T_

Dubstep Sucker Puncher

dubstep gifs Music punches rage wtf - 8198320640
By Unknown