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A Handy Trick

gifs hands pranks funny - 7439441664
By Unknown


gifs IRL lol Portal pranks Pranks for the Memories spree video games - 4703059712

Looks Like That Stuck to Him

doors gifs pranks duct tape funny - 7857047808
Via Youtube

James Metallica is a Prankster

Music metallica gifs pranks funny - 7846025984
By Unknown

What Do You Got?

gifs pranks white people magic - 8487343872
By anselmbe

No-No Tube Blooper

gifs lol news no no tubes pranks Pranks for the Memories - 5549084672
By _C_A_T_ (Via

Who Needs Friends?

wtf gifs friends jerks pranks - 8320728832
By anselmbe

This Chair Can't Hold Up

chairs FAIL fall gifs pranks puns - 6462401536
By Unknown

Messing With The Police

cars driving gifs police pranks Pranks for the Memories snow - 5855543296
By Unknown

Doing the Spider Dance

spiders whoops gifs pranks funny - 7871231488
By Unknown

Hey Punk, Over Here

gifs pranks Pranks for the Memories wtf - 6226370560
By Unknown

Prank Gone Wrong

FAIL gifs pranks oil slip - 8326757120
By anselmbe

Another Successful Day

gifs KISS pranks funny - 7554760192
By ToolBee

Elephant Prankster

yikes gifs cars close call elephants pranks - 7415899136
By Iron-man01

This is an Evil Prank

gifs mean pranks - 8162417664
Via Lawebloca

Christmas Trolling

christmas gifs kids pranks sad but true toys - 5588480768
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