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Lola is a Little Stinker

critters dogs gifs pets - 8413917440
By Unknown

Dog Goes Wild in Yoga Class

dogs pets gifs yoga - 8437318400
By Unknown

Petting an Owl

pets gifs critters owls - 8354000896
By Unknown

Found a New Pet

pets gifs critters raccoons - 8398660352
By Unknown

Am I a Pretty Owl?

pets gifs critters owls - 8433464576
By Unknown

Dinosaurs Are The Worst Pets

pets gifs critters dinosaurs - 8511215104
By Unknown


critters gifs pet pets sharks - 4822681344
Via Youtube

Stop Following Me

wtf following pets gifs Cats - 6852801024
By Nobody-

Skiing Dog

pets gifs snow Sundog dogs skiing - 6991118592
By Unknown

Pet The Player

cops cute dogs gifs lol mindwarp pets - 6569960704
Via Pigeon Eyed Devil Woman

Dog And Kid Back-Scratching Teamwork

cute dogs gifs kids pets petting teamwork - 6488258304
By _C_A_T_

Monkey Adopts a Bushbaby

monkeys pets gifs critters - 8509751808
By Unknown

Don't you forget about me!

pets gifs critters - 8564140544
By anselmbe
Cute gifs of animals including slight cuteness overload.

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Parrot Getting Some Love

pets parrots birds gifs critters - 8496058112
By Unknown

Good Boy!

critters cute dogs gifs pets petting Sundog - 6566141440
By _C_A_T_
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