Señor GIF


"Think We Should Move This Really Obstructing Thing? Nah."

ouch gifs bike fail nation - 8105615360
Created by Unknown

Double Treadmill Fail

FAIL gifs ouch running treadmill weights - 6085863424
Created by Unknown

Glass Magic

FAIL gifs glass magic ouch - 5277130496
Created by Unknown

Can You Give Me a Lift?

ouch keanu reeves FAIL gifs cars - 8435330816
Created by SaintPauly ( Via 123 WTF )

Dude Is Partying Way Too Hard

Via Senor GIF

Egyptian Parkour

gifs parkour FAIL ouch - 6659944704
Created by Unknown

Dictionary Definition

FAIL gifs ouch puns - 6260304384
Created by Unknown


gifs nards nuts ouch Punnish stomp - 4655122688
Created by Unknown

The Gods Do Not Approve

ouch FAIL gifs candles fire - 8380174848
Created by tamaleknight

For Queen And Country: Ouch GIF

Painful GIF of a kid doing a classic belly flop from the diving board.
Created by anselmbe ( Via GIFS )

Slip and Fail

FAIL fall gifs ouch slip - 5981498112
Created by Unknown

New Age Force Field Complete!

GIF of a highly energetic person at a new age retreat tackling people and making trouble.
Created by sebenty

GIF: Bouncy Ball

gif of a girl dancing atop a bouncy ball and failing horribly as she falls on the floor with her face.
Created by SpikeDawg

Laundry Chute Mishap

GIF of the result of what happens when you go down a laundry chute
Created by TSGIGOR ( Via Youtube )

A Fallen Reprise

breaking club FAIL fall gifs ouch - 5752283648
Created by Unknown

Stairway to Pain

fall gifs stairs ouch unicycle - 8263106048
Via Bing
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