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Justine Dufour–Lapointe!!!

Sochi 2014 olympics - 8051393536

Then, Sonja & Now, Sotnikov

awesome olympics spinning - 8078861312
By ani.s4

Just Push Him in There

sports Sochi 2014 hockey funny olympics - 8070660608
By Unknown

German Discus Thrower is Pumped About Life

excitement Germany gifs olympics sports - 6497837056
By Unknown

Can Anyone Tell Him to Stop And Pick Up His Gold Medal?

rings sports mindwarp gifs gymnastics win olympics - 8396338432
By ToolBee

Moon Skating

Sochi 2014 moonwalk funny olympics - 8072345088
By Unknown


celeb dragonball z olympics swimming - 3561007872
By Unknown

Synchronized Scaring

gifs mindwarp olympics scary swimming wtf yikes - 6500218880
Via I Raff I Ruse

Checking Out Mr. Bolt

gifs olympics sports those EYES usain bolt - 6488422400
By Unknown

At Least The Bags Are Still Together

gifs mindwarp olympics real life sad but true - 6514544896
By Unknown

Shell Shock at Sochi

gifs olympics shells skating Sochi 2014 - 8082196736
By Unknown

The Anger of The Queen

celeb gifs Memes olympics queen elizabeth rage - 6470120192
Via Gifmovie

Fencing Pokes

cool Fencing gifs olympics sports wtf - 6475888896
By Unknown

Female Superhero

babe epic gifs olympics weightlifting win woman - 6459457792
By Unknown

The Olympic Rings... So Close

wtf gifs Sochi 2014 funny olympics - 8046018560
By Unknown

NBC Coverage of The Olympics

daily show gifs mindwarp olympics wtf - 6475593216
By Unknown
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