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Its Just So Beautiful

nutshot one direction gifs remix - 7111225856
Created by PG_Croat

Bike Jumping Nut Shot

ouch nutshot FAIL gifs motorcycle - 6938652416
Created by Iron-man01


nutshot kick gifs anime right in the nuts - 6714964480
Created by meganeguard ( Via Bull-Heck )

One Direction to Pain

ouch nutshot one direction shoes FAIL gifs - 7102088448

Fight the System

cops doors FAIL gifs nutshot owned right in the nuts - 5685901056

The Feeling of Getting Nuts Kicked Perfectly Animated

anime gifs mindwarp nutshot wtf - 8242368256
Via Bing

Right in The...

FAIL gifs nutshot ouch punch wtf - 6319723264
Created by meganeguard ( Via Sinyasiki )


FAIL nutshot sports treadmill - 3661023744
Created by TheFawz


ouch nutshot FAIL gifs soccer reaction - 6919594240
Created by l3wiji ( Via L3WIJI )

Straight Up Balling

ouch nutshot balls FAIL gifs funny - 7562281728

One Shot, Two Hits

FAIL gifs nutshot ouch soccer win - 6371372544
Created by _C_A_T_

Ref's Out!

ouch nutshot FAIL gifs baseball funny - 7678169600
Created by ToolBee

From Big Ball to No Balls in One Second

ouch nutshot balls FAIL gifs - 6988399360
Created by ToolBee

One of The Greatest Moments of TV

FAIL gifs nutshot ouch TV - 6261243904

Taylor Swift Commits An Ultimate Act of Misandry

nutshot taylor swift kicks gifs misandry - 8030181888

The Balance Beam Takes No Prisoners

FAIL fall gifs nutshot ouch - 8242376960
Via Bing
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