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The Hula Hoop Challenge

FAIL hula hoop gifs news - 8257616128
Via Pelodance

The Slippery Slope To Victory

FAIL fall gifs news sports - 8005974528
By Unknown

Keep Going... She's Fine

best of week FAIL gifs news wtf - 5152547840
By fareon

Touching Up The Makeup For You

gifs news FAIL makeup wtf mindwarp - 6648758784
By _C_A_T_

Car Crash Caught On Air

car crash gifs mindwarp news woah - 5363901440

The News Stinks

critters gifs gross lol news poop puppies Sundog - 5930690560
By Unknown

Hey, We All Know Weather Reporting is Just a Means to Coax Viewers to Stay For Advertising Revenue So Just Play Fetch With Me

fetch dogs news gifs weather - 8448912896
By Unknown

Yes, He's Getting The Picture Now...

news wtf gifs idgi - 7088460800
By ToolBee

Live: Headlines

news whoops FAIL gifs camera - 6975326464
By Unknown

TV Reporter Walks Into Sign Post

FAIL gifs news ouch pole - 5952984576

Meanwhile in El Tiempo

babe blue screen FAIL gifs Movies and TV news weather - 5688736000
By Unknown

Rooster Attacks Reporter

critters FAIL gifs news reporter rooster - 6027164416

I Love My Job, Really

news FAIL gifs sad but true work sucks - 6768393984
By Unknown

Touch Screens Aren't For Everyone

news whoops FAIL gifs technology - 6792385024
By Unknown

Spider Invasion

FAIL gifs news spiders the horror yikes - 6422850304
By Unknown

Sneaky Child

cnn creep gifs kid kids news photobomb - 6153951488
By Unknown
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