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Why You Should Never Mess With Nerds

rage nerds paintball gifs - 8503947264
Created by Unknown

Nerdy Vandalism

wtf nerds math funny - 7761012736
Created by ToolBee

Now Kiss

animation anime gifs nerds - 6430115072
Created by meganeguard ( Via Secret Otaku )

Don't Pick on Nerds Who Have +2 Melee

nerds gifs fights funny - 7592276736
Created by Unknown

No iPad For You!!!

FAIL gifs ipad nerds rage - 6292379392
Created by gavman101


awesome gifs legos nerds want win - 4554225664
Created by Unknown

Nighttime on Ballybran

cool nerds mindwarp gifs science fiction - 8527303168
Created by tamaleknight


animation gifs nerds punch puns simpsons - 5149259264
Created by AlbinePower

Coding is an Art

nerds computers gifs - 8270686464
Created by anselmbe

You Can't Handle It

dance gifs - Forehead - CANT SENORG.COM
Created by EvilMonkey730

Mother Of God

celeb gifs glasses nerds reaction - 6282736384
Created by Jazzure


awesome beer drinking gifs nerds win - 4084915712
Created by FrankieDudeUltimate

Best Prom Ever

babes gifs humpday mammaries nerds - 6261245184
Created by Unknown

Hipster Draco

celeb draco gifs Harry Potter hipster magic nerds wizards - 5195160320
Created by berryfield

Love Hurts

nerds FAIL gifs anime love - 8539351040
Created by Unknown

Nerd Rage

anger best of week gifs nerds rage table throw - 5974561536
Created by meganeguard ( Via )
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