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Chivalry Isn't Dead, But He May Be

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By Vmant33323

First World Problems

cars everyday First World Problems gifs modern living win - 5850720000
By Unknown

Wait a Second, Societal Beauty Standards Aren't Natural?

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By Unknown

I've Got a Bing For This GIF

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By Unknown

Hello, Internet

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By meganeguard (Via Yumekaze)

Nintendate: So You Are Virtually Never Alone

Augmented reality forever alone wtf modern living gifs nintendo - 7359590656
Via Yepperoni

Shut Up And Take My Money!

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By ToolBee (Via The Wonder Cube)

Communicating on The Internet in a Nutshell

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By heyman


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Husband Gets Revenge On Wife After Finding Her Online Dating Profile

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By _C_A_T_ (Via Cheezburger)

Well First You Go to The Chair....

animation FAIL family guy gifs modern living sad but true sitting - 6286913024
By Jazzure

I Do The Same Thing When Waiting in a Restaurant By Myself

forever alone cellphones modern living gifs funny - 7779670016
By anselmbe

Don't Hold Up Commuters

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By TSGIGOR (Via Youtube)

Breakfast of Champions

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Via Gardevoirs


gifs humpday love modern living romance - 4942577408
By Unknown

Damn Internet

modern living gifs simpsons Cats - 7365078272
By djcat595
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