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The Diagram to Solving All White Chocolate Shortage Related Problems

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By Unknown

Mathematics Are Beautiful

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Math is “Hard”?

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By sness107 (Via sness107)

A Math Lesson With a Memeing

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By anselmbe

Tree Fractal

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By sixonefive72

Pythagorean Theorem

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By Unknown

Visual Proof of Pythagorean Theorem

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By fbastage (Via

Ball of Balls

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By jyonasan1957

Story of My Life

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By DudeManRock6

Nerdy Vandalism

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By ToolBee


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By Unknown

Hope That Senpai Can Calculate Me

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By sness107 (Via Sness107)

Very Subtle

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By meganeguard (Via Bent Knees Gappy Teeth)