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Be Sure to Buy a Lottery Ticket

yikes FAIL gifs close call funny trucks lucky - 7592803072
By TSGIGOR (Via Live Leak)

Lucky, Lucky Squirrel

wtf bad idea squirrel idiots lucky - 8071340800
By Unknown

Lucky Boy

yikes skateboarding FAIL gifs close call lucky - 6960505088
By Greendogv

All Those Children Are Lucky

gifs hockey ice children jumping lucky - 6871318272
By Unknown

That's Enough Swimming For Today!

yikes dogs gifs lucky - 8418714368
By beernbiccies

Lucky Grandpa

almost a FAIL crosswalk gifs Grandpa lucky mindwarp yikes - 6487560704
By _C_A_T_

Luckiest Guy in The Parking Lot

whoops FAIL gifs trucks lucky - 8496057088
By Unknown

Lucky Mouse!

cheese close call critters gifs lucky mouse yikes - 5271595264
By _C_A_T_ (Via

Your Lucky Day

yikes gifs close call funny seems legit lucky - 7697830144
By anselmbe

Lucky Dude!

yikes FAIL gifs accident scooter lucky - 7277792256
By ToolBee