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Man Vs. Wild Goose

critters gifs goose lol wild - 6034542592
By _C_A_T_ (Via The Daily What)

Fail-Crane Strikes Again

boats crane FAIL gifs lol wtf - 6032661248
By _C_A_T_

When your friend introduces you to someone for the first time, and leaves to take a phone call.

GIF of Kermit The Frog and Christian Bale nodding at each other in faux agreement
By Chan14551

Haha... Good one...

celeb gifs haha jim carrey laugh lol - 5144291328
By Reinforcement


crying gifs kids lol rides - 4038125056
By Unknown

Men Are Creepy Babies

accident babe Babies bus creepy FAIL gifs grope lol men sleeping - 5850722304
By Unknown

Dog Just Wigs-Out Over Mechanical Mouse

dogs wtf toy gifs lol mouse - 6898705152
By ani.s4 (Via Youtube)

LOL Dance

dance gifs IRL lol meme The Interwebz - 6133806080
By Easzy-

Playing Dead

critters dogs gifs lol playing dead possum - 6410341632
By Unknown

Perfect Framing

photobomb gifs lol - 6846848512
By Unknown

Pet The Player

cops cute dogs gifs lol mindwarp pets - 6569960704
Via Pigeon Eyed Devil Woman

Wedding Torch FAIL

hair yikes FAIL gifs fire wedding lol - 6811555584
By _C_A_T_ (Via Cheezburger)

My Motorcycle Doesn't Follow Your Physics

gifs Grand Theft Auto lol mindwarp motorcycle video games wtf - 6226370048
By Unknown

Jealous Dog Is Jealous

dogs gifs lol Cats - 7919304192
By ToolBee

You're boring.

boring gifs undead lol zombie dead - 6791880960
By AdamWD

Is It Fuzzy in Here?

gifs lol questions Star Trek tribbles - 6137864192
By Unknown
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